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Air Freight

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BERRIO Logistics Strategic alliance with carriers uphold the principles of excellence and value we at BERRIO Logistics intend to pass on to our esteemed customers. Air Freight is the fasted and most secure mode of transport for time critical consignments to worldwide destinations. Fixed schedule on our daily flights gives you the flexibility to hold or expedite delivery of goods to meet your supply chain requirements.

Working with the leading commercial and charter operators in hundreds of trade lanes, we can bundle our customers’ combined volumes together to achieve competitive prices, the best space allocations and regular flight schedules.

A list of feature that we provide:

  • Airport to Airport and door to door deliveries
  • Consol or back-to-back services
  • Project moves, Dangerous Goods, temperature controlled, next flight out
  • Air Charter, Break bulk and oversized cargo services
  • Air premium a flight-specific service with expedited transit time of 48 to 96 hours
  • Fully integrated with the BERRIO system for Value Added Solutions
  • Flexible routings available for deferred, lower cost programs
  • Just-in-Time deliveries.
  • Insurance

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